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Registration Monitor Ads Registration Monitor Ads

Increase brand exposure at ISC West with a 15 or 30 second ad on the (2) 46” monitors built into our Registration area. Your company will be front and center when attendees arrive at ISC West and get their badge. All sponsored ads will run on loop for the duration of the show.

Our Price: $500.00
Aisle Signs Aisle Signs

Everyone has to look up at the aisle signs to navigate around the show. Make sure your ad is there along with it! This is a great way to get in front of the buyers at the show.

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $2,150.00
Double-Sided Meter Boards Double-Sided Meter Boards

Have your graphics featured on eye-level signs that are placed anywhere in our high traffic areas! Production and labor included.

Our Price: $2,250.00
Footprint Carpet Decals Carpet Decal

Lead buyers directly to your booth by placing carpet decals down the aisles directly to your booth from the main entrance!

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $3,150.00
Venetian Hallway Signage Venetian Hallway Signage

Get your company graphics in front of the attendees as they walk to and from the show each day by advertising in the Venetian hallway with these beautiful framed eye-level signs along the main walkway. Sponsor more than one for a great panoramic image that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Production and labor included.

Our Price: $4,500.00
Escalator Sponsorship Escalator Sponsorship

Have your branding on the side glass panels of escalators at ISC West!

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $5,000.00
Window Decals Door Decals

Be the first company seen as buyers enter the Sands Convention Center from the Taxi drop-off!

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $5,000.00
Registration Kick Panels Registration Kick Panels

Have your company graphic on every other registration kick panel for ISC (both attendee and exhibitor counters). This exclusive opportunity gets your company branding all over the main show lobby and in front of attendees as they register/pick up their badges!

Our Price: $5,000.00
Rotating Kiosks Rotating Kiosks

Catch the attendee’s eyes with these beautiful back-lit rotating signs that can be placed in the upper or lower lobby areas.

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $7,850.00
Navigation Kiosks Navigation Kiosks

  • Your branding will be featured on the Navigational Kiosks.
  • Your ad will be featured on both sides of the signage that goes around each navigational kiosk at the show.
  • Exclusive to 1 Company
  • Includes 4 Kiosks placed strategically around the show.

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $9,250.00
Upper Lobby Column Banners Upper Lobby Column Banners

Make a statement when Attendees enter the Sands Level 2 Lobby from the Venetian with banner on these huge statement columns.

*production and labor not included

Our Price: $10,000.00
Pony Wall Pony Wall

Have your companies branding seen by attendees as they enter the show lobby. The glass pony walls offer a double sided look so that attendees taking the escalators can also see your companies branding.

Our Price: $13,975.00